August 8, 2008

What you say?

Ah yes, quotes of the week.

Adam: OK, you're on ice cream patrol.
Me: I'm looking for the ice cream place?
Adam: No you get to hold the ice cream. But be on the lookout for exotic cars.
Me: I always am.

Me: Hey yay! Guster has baby girls!
Ian: Guster mated?
Me: They're all married. They all had babies.
Ian: They're gays. They mated
(for the record my brother is not homophobic, despite how he may sound here.)

Me: I thought you voted for the good George W.
Ian: I did, and don't regret it...nor am I educated enough on the subject to have the knowledge to regret it - so for me voting is a win win
Me: that is truly amazing
Ian: I try
Me: You could make some serious money publicizing that quote.
Ian: That's all I'm out to do anyway {make money}
Me: Isn't everybody? the day I'm rich I'm gonna stop working and buy 10 horses and lay in a field with them all day.
Ian: I'm going to buy a bunch of brand name shit and cars that fuck the environment!

Take your balls out of your purse. {general them and saying of last weekend}

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