January 31, 2008

mira the wonderful comet

let me introduce you to the new love of my life: mira. una foto to the left. she likes cuddling and demanding attention and sticking her wriggly butt in the air while attempting to eat my shoes. i love walking in the door to see her standing up eagerly in her crate, ears up, tail wagging. take me out and love me juuulia! she loves peanut butter, my couch cushions and rawhide bones. she barks like a hoooound dog and is very smart. maybe too smart for her own good. i foresee many happy years together.

i have an office at work. a real live office with a door that locks and a plastic street lamp and a bookcase. it's so sweeeet! i think my job is officially a real job.

i'm completely and utterly happy. content. at peace [mostly]. i came to terms with an old friend this week. it feels good to close what was a friendship and has been a running joke for the last two years. i'm done and over with whatever we had and have discovered that i may have grown up since college but that does not mean everyone has done the same. they may have all the right pieces there but when you put them together the same person they were before is still formed. i feel sorry for that girl who works so hard to create a life that impresses others and herself only to end up where she started. maybe she doesn't see that though.

and now i'm going to go to bed and hope that i'll wake up to the winter wonderland that the weathermen promised.

January 16, 2008

For Serious Kids

Oh my, bored at work, waiting for Joan, lalala. So you will be tortured with one of these delightful and meaningless surveys. It's really because I love you that I do this.

1. How many people have you kissed in the past 6 months? Three. My summer camp fling, a completely random boy on the dance floor of Rock Lobster (and i felt slutty afterwards haha) and Adam.

2.What's your middle name? Christine. When I was little I always wanted it to be my first name. I hated Julia.

3. Would you rather spend a whole day with your mom or your dad? Really this depends on what we're doing. I enjoy hanging out with both of my parents for completely different reasons. If I want to be embarrassed and generally harassed then my dad. If I want to watch a movie, go shopping or have lunch, then my mom.

4. Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward? I'm a pretty awkward person. I create awkward situations for myself I think.

5. What serial killer do you find most disturbing? I do not think about these kinds of things. This is a sick question.

6. When did your last relationship end? I'm hoping my current relationship won't end any time soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

7. Does anyone hate you for no reason? yeah, I'm sure. I mean sometimes I hate people for no reason. It's only human.

8. have you ever loved someone before? Maybe? I don't know.

9. Is your life simple or complicated? mostly simple at the moment, honestly. I'm avoiding and denying anything that might complicate it.

10. Do you like someone? yes. I like lots of people.

15. How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed? I stopped counting after the first week:)

18. Have you ever passed out from drinking too much? I can proudly say that I have. I spent my four years in college wisely.

19. What are you doing tomorrow? Working. Hopefully talking to Joan about being the editor of Humpty Dumpty. Hopefully taking Mira to my parents' house to play with the dogs there and watch movies with my mom.

21. Do you think you would make a good parent? I would hope so after five summers at Green Cove. I really think I will. I have grand plans to take the door off the hinges to one of my kids' bedrooms as indirect revenge on my father.

22. how many kids do you want? 2 or 3. I think being an only child would be lonely.

23. where is your birth mark located? Does everyone have a birthmark? I don't think I do...

24.Are you taller than 5'4"? Oh yes. 5'10". And don't tell me that I'm lucky to be tall. You don't know until you've awkwardly towered above everyone during middle school and watched all the short girls take the tall boys your whole life.

25.Have you ever liked someone who treated you badly? Yes. I mean hasn't everyone? I think that's pretty key in finding the good ones. You have to sift through the assholes first. And there will always be something alluring about the guy who refuses to treat you as you deserve to be treated.

26. Is your current hair color mostly your natural hair color? Yes. I had highlights once upon a time. And last year Bette convinced me to dye my hair red from a box.

27.What color are your socks? White, and oddly enough, not SmartWool today.

28. Has anyone ever borrowed something from you and never returned it? Well yeah I'm sure they have. I've actually lost many a book this way.

29. Do you fall for people easily? Yes. Well no. Tricky question. I initially fall for people easily, you know the crush kind of falling for. I'm a sucker in that sense. For real falling though, the kind where you let your guard down, I'm not so good at.

30. True or False: Everything happens for a reason. True true true! I am a firm believer in this. It's gotten me through some rocky shit. Even the worst stuff happens for a reason, though you might not be able to see that reason until you get to the other side and can look back with a clear head.

33. What was the reason behind the last time you cried? I was having a really bad day, for no particular reason. I managed to convince myself that my parents had forgotten about my birthday. How stupid is that?

35. Do you find members of the opposite sex confusing? Yes, but everyone is generally confusing. I confuse myself honestly.

36. Is there anybody you wish you could be with right now? Yep. Want a list? Marnie, Bette, Mary, Renee, ok all my Green Cove girls, Samantha, Adam, Mira...

38. What are you listening to right now? Actually nothing. I usually have music playing and I'm planning on listening to the most recent Foo Fighters album later today. So right at this moment - the click clacking of my keyboard and quiet office chatter.