November 29, 2008

My thankfuls

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you had a lovely day filled with food, family and friends. We spent the afternoon at the Coffin house and the evening at the Goodman house. I have not eaten that much in quite some time.
I have a lot going for me right now. Just thought a list could be appropriate.

I am thankful for... family and that we are all healthy this year.
...our store and that it's still making it through tougher times.
...Adam, who never ceases to amaze me in how wonderful he is. girlfriends, without whom I would be so lost. wigglebutt Mira and her unconditional and irrational love for me. job. To have one right now and to enjoy it on most days. kitchen. As tiny as it is, I've cooked a lot of food in there this year.
...downtown, which is a lot more fun than I could have imagined.
...the new friends I have made this past year and how easily they have accepted me into their circle.

I'm a lucky girl:)

the prettiest Pretty Pretty Princesses at Thanksgiving!

November 13, 2008

All things holiday

Thanksgiving is officially two weeks away. This means I can officially start getting excited about the holidays.

I plan to:
~decorate my apartment in a classy but excessive manner
~bake pie pie pie
~have a cookie extravaganza in which all of my friends will get cookies
~receive the 12 days of cookies newsletter from Food Network again this year
~have a holiday tea party at work
~wear my candy cane knee highs
~make a holidays playlist on itunes and listen to it at work
~dress my dog up like an elf

My friends and I plan to (and these were discussed last night at the Rosebuds and Megafaun show):
~have a secret santa
~have a holiday party....erm many holiday parties
~festive martinis and cider and eggnog

Oh, Megafaun? They are excellent. Check 'em out. Here, let me just help you out. They're from Raleigh/Durham!

November 4, 2008

We believed and it happened!

I will NEVER foget this night, this historical and wonderful night . President-Elect Obama, that's what it says on CNN. I will tell my children that I voted for a change, a difference, a moment. I will tell them that I sat at one of our favorite bars downtown and watched anxiously as votes came in. We watched as Republican Indiana could not be called. We watched state after state's results come in. And we watched in joy as Barack Obama was announced the 44th president of the United States of America. We gasped and then clinked our glasses together in a victorious cheers. Outside of my apartment people are shooting off fireworks and yelling and celebrating. As Stalker Carol has said to me many times tonight, this is epic. EPIC!!!

Take out the guns and dance

Indiana is a battleground state. A swing state. We might not vote Republican this year. I feel that I've participated in a historic moment today. Now the anxious waiting.

North Carolina was absolutely wonderful. I was in a blissfully happy state for a good amount of our vacation. I was with one of my best friends, celebrated one year with my wonderful boyfriend (one year? How in the hell did one year go by so fast?), was surrounded by mountains, saw my summertime momma, and was generally home. I know even more now that I have to move back there some day. It's just a matter of knowing I belong there.

Algunas fotos

on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I heart mountains

view from Bette's house in Tryon!

waterfalls in Dupont

together again:)

Triple Falls in Dupont

Excessive, but I do not care. Consider yourselves lucky because I took quite a few more.

My coffee addiction has been taken to new levels. I ran out of coffee at my apartment last week so while I waited for more T-discs for my Tassimo to be delivered (pain in the ass, maybe a little, but worth it), I stopped at Mo Joe's for coffee on my way to work. This Monday, after a week of ordering the same coffee with soy milk in my travel mug made by Stalker Carol, the baristas knew my order. I was on my way to being a regular. I loved the regulars who came in every morning at The Morning Times. Of course, just as I reached that coveted status, my coffee arrived. So no more morning stops to Mo Joe's. We also just bought a fancy single cup coffee maker for the office so coffee consumption at work will be incredibly easy. I forsee at least two cups in my afternoons now.

Back to holding my breath that I will have something to celebrate about tonight at Lockerbie Pub instead of reason to drown my sorrows in beer.