April 26, 2007


vanity fair has the best horoscopes hands down. they include the effect of planet positions, which houses they are in and where they are on your chart. of course i am a believer in horoscopes so vanity fair's is like a double win for me. this month mine reads,

naturally you're a bit restless these days. you're a wild bird, not some parakeet that gets let out of its cage only to cling to somebody's arm. when saturn transits the western horizon, however, you've got to get over your desire for complete independence and accept the fact that you want company. while you know damn well that the only person who's going to take care of you financially in your old age is you, the fact is that you get spooked when you're left alone. maybe there is a touch of parakeet in you after all."

it's true. i'm a parakeet underneath my wild bird exterior but i hate admitting to it. one of my better personality flaws to come out since i've moved away.

we've started getting lots of regular early morning coffee drinkers at work besides our 3 0r 4 regulars. i like our early morning regulars because they don't chit chat. i do not want to make small talk with you at 6:30am. come back in two hours. one of these is a european gentleman. he speaks in a fairly heavy italian accent, wears a leather jacket over his shoulders and uses copious amounts of hairgel. he orders an espresso. this morning i suddenly saw him standing outside, smoking a cigarette and knocking on our window, obviously trying to get my attention. when i looked his way he signaled two with his fingers. confused, i walked towards the door to see what he so desperately needed as he continued to flash the two fingers. he beat me to it, opened the door and said "i want a double espresso (hence the two). i forgot that you don't allow cigarettes in the cafe here and lit one right before i came in." ok fine. the smoke in cafes in europe. apparently they leave their manners outside though. this is not a drivethrough fool. i do not take your order while you stand outside. i was a bit cool when he did come in and i think he noticed. he was very complimentary of our espresso (delicious. even better than in italy.) and i hope he felt at least a little bad.

April 21, 2007

boys have cooties

well i'm about to sign away yet another summer to green cove. the fifth to be exact. though last summer didn't fully count since it was just june camp. this year though the whole summer. and i get positions of importance. bette and i are running the riding program duing june camp. that in and of it self should be interesting. and by that i mean complete insanity. during main camp i'm going to be the hillside linehead. this means that i'll be in charge of a group of cabins of girls age 13. this line is notorious for having naked days where they run around the cabins wearing no clothes. they were once dubbed the "hookup hillsiders" in reference to their ability to get caught making out with boys in the bushes at dances. one. i do not do naked days. not even on wednesdays. two. i have no idea how to deal with 13 year olds kissing boys. i was scared of boys at 13. let's face it, i'm still scared of boys. needless to say, it'll be fun. of course i won't be actually living in a cabin with girls, which means more nights out for bette and i. maybe i'll even be social this summer. GASP!
in other news today was an absolute beach day. i can say that more realistically than i've ever been able to before because i now live a mere 2 hours from the beach. i could wake up and drive there tomorrow morning. it'd be a long drive but i could do it nonetheless. i must go before i leave for camp. one of the many reasons north carolina is fabulous.

April 3, 2007

when dinosaurs roamed the earth

i have a new favorite website, http://thesuperficial.com, a celebrity gossip website. not only celebrity gossip, but also trash talking celebrities like it's your job. for example, on mariah carey thinking about adoption,
"If you made a list of people less qualified to be a parent than Jessica Simpson there'd only be one name on it and it'd be Mariah Carey. And maybe a drawing of an angry dinosaur. But even that would be behind Mariah."
now i don't have a problem with mariah carey but seriously, an angry dinosaur? i think i like these stories because they come up with the most random insults. why is it ok to make fun of celebrities in such a blatant way? i guess they ask for it when they put themselves in the public spotlight. sure they don't ask for their every move, stupid or not, to be documented and published. that simply comes in the job description, a benefit of being famous.

i've started a serious apartment hunt in the raleigh/chapel hill area. tomorrow i am taking my laptop with me to work and dedicating the afternoon to applying to jobs and sprucing up my resume. because every time i say i'm going to do that at home after work i just pass out on the couch or in my bed. UNproductive. i'm actually excited about living by myself. i'm finally going to get a dog. i'll get to clean whenever i want, put whatever i want on the walls, run around naked (come on, don't deny it, you do that when no one's home) and play my music loudly whenever i want. of course a single will probably encourage more conversations with myself. as if i don't have enough of those already.