May 23, 2008

Julia is...well rested, tan, and thinks it might be the weekend

Well I vacationed in Florida. I am actually tan and only burned slightly, which is an accomplishment for me. Really had a very nice time. The boys played golf twice, us girls laid out at the very fantastic pool and got massages, Adam and I had beers at Tin City, walked on the beach together and played in the ocean. We saw a bird mauling a dead fish on the Naples peer and stood inches from a leopard with just a glass window separating us. I convinced Adam, Brent and Adam's dad that jockeys are bred for their small size. Ashley and I made fun of a very silly and PDA-y couple at the airport. I enjoy family vacations, even if the family isn't mine.

Today I realized why I love Facebook so much (and when I say love, I really mean hate). See, sometimes I get confused as to what day of the week it is, what is going on in the world and my city in general. Lots of times what I really need is a useless update on how you were affected by the weather, a magical quote or lyric describing your mood, or to see a message that is clearly directed at one or a few specific people but you feel the need to share with all of Facebook. So, thank you, friends for updating your statuses these past few days, with proclamations that this weekend is indeed a long one (I wasn't aware you see, that I don't have to work on Monday since it's an official national holiday), that there is a large and internationally known car race going on in Indianapolis this weekend (wait, what's the Indy 500 anyway?? Cars? Racetrack? Beer? These go together on this day?), and that these next few days are in fact and in actuality, the weekend. I HAD NO IDEA!!!! What a relief that I have Facebook to keep me straight and on track. Right now I am very tempted to leave the stupid online networking site. Maybe I will.

May 12, 2008

monday monday ba da ba da da da

Uh oh, illegal two days in a row blog postage. I just want to document the fact that this is going to be the longest week on record. I'm leaving at 12:30 on Friday and am going to desperately try to make up those missed hours during the rest of the week. That means no lunch hour Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, staying late Monday and Wednesday and coming in early on Friday. Florida had better kick some serious ass.
in other news, a moment from my past resurfaced on instant messenger last night (after I'd gone to bed at the early hour of 10:30 of course). I was surprised, not sure if pleasantly or otherwise though.
I feel stuck right now and I need something to happen. I have ideas on what that something could be but I kinda doubt that those ideas will be taken into consideration.
How do you talk to someone about something that you just can't put your finger on? You can't just sit down and say "we need to talk. About this...this feeling I have that's been making me uncomfortable." Instead, I am going to get over myself and do what I do best, ignore any serious emotions, shove them aside and deal with them later.

May 11, 2008

i'd fly in his ship any day

I love Harrison Ford. He's a scoundrel of the best and sexiest kind. USA is showing all three Indiana Jones movies today and I'm TiVoing the first and third ones. The Temple of Doom scares the shit out of me. The whole taking hearts out of people's chests? But back to Harrison Ford. Anyone who flies a piece of crap ship and makes it look awesome, who has a giant angry worm creature searching the galaxy for him, and who can rope in the Princess Leia is awesome in my book. Plus,
Indy's dad - there are people trying to kill us!
Indy - I know Dad!
Indy's dad - this is a new experience for me.
Indy - It happens to me all the time.
There is no denying that, despite the fact that he's, what, 65, he'll be sexy in the new Indiana Jones movie.

I also just want to document a few precious moments from last night.
Precious Moment #1. Kelly tells us that the guy she's seeing might have a girlfriend. She says "I'm 50% sure he has a girlfriend and 100% sure I don't care." Classy, Kel, very classy:)
Precious Moment #2. At an art show later that night we are looking at a piece that is small samples of perfume called urine. It is, in fact, actual urine we decide. We tell Kelly to look at the back of the card which lists the ingredients. Kelly promptly picks up the card/piece of art. Adam Calloway says, "Kelly that's art, don't pick that up!" Please, it's urine, not art.
Precious Moment #3. My Adam calls at 2AM from a bachelor party in Chicago. He is incredibly drunk and outside a strip club. First we discuss the sweet cars parked outside. I tell him he should steal one. He says he does not know the code to steal these. Oh wait, yes he does, for this Range Rover! Second, we begin a lengthy discussion on a stripper's breasts. Adam says, "I don't like their boobs, they're too fake. I like yours better." Oh my Lord. Should I be flattered?

My dog knocked over the container of treats that sits on top of her crate while I was at work. She ate every single last treat in that damn container. She's been very sweet and apologetic since then. Also a bit sick to her stomach. Haha, that's what the bitch gets I say.