June 23, 2008

Purple Wandering Jew

Oh my goodness, I am a giant hypocrite. We went to a wedding (two of Adam's friends got married) this weekend. Lovely time overall. I loved meeting all of Adam's friends from school. I know how important they are to him and I'm glad that I finally got to see that part of his life. Anyway, I kept my camera tucked in my purse most of the night since I had just met the majority of these people and felt inappropriate snapping lots of pictures. I did want a picture of the two of us though since I thought we looked all nice and dressed up. Plus my hair was miraculously straight! So end of the night rolls around, we're waiting for our ride back to the hotel and I ask if one of the girls would mind taking a picture. She did, and then told us to do another one, this time kissing. And this is how I became a hypocrite. I've posted it on my Picasa page because, much like this blog, I think only a few people look at it. Oh what have I become?

(ok secretly, but don't tell anyone please, I think it's a cute picture! Eek!)

My dad continues to be my hero. He raised money for the relay for life in Zionsville this past weekend. To entice people he said he would paint himself purple if a certain amount of money was donated. He then told the Zionsville Merchants Association that if they could raise $1,000 he would shave his head. All necessary money was raised and my dad spent Friday purple and bald and insanely hyper. Plus he was able to donate at least $1,300 to the Relay for Life. Kicking cancer's ass one purple bald dude at a time.

June 13, 2008

take that haters

Uh oh, I just realized that I might be an internet hater. I feel safe sitting here at my desk blogging about people and things that drive me absolutely crazy because there is a certain anonymity to anything written on the internet. A friend of mine (who quite possibly does not know I read her blog so this could be creepy) wrote a post about the internet and it's effect on my generation and those following. She writes about Facebook, something which I obviously use but think is semi ridiculous. She also touches on the general quality of writing that appears on the internet these days. (most of which is subpar. Mine is awesome though. Durr.)

Something to think about because I know I rely in the internet way to much. I joke with my friends about how we are expert stalkers and can find out literally almost anything about someone via Facebook, MySpace or Google. I will admit that it's a skill, one if I could word it correctly I might include on my resume. Professional sleuth...skilled searcher...but I do wonder how much more free time I would have without the internet and how much less fried my brain would be. On the flip side, I would know a helluva lot less about my friends. Life could very well be much more simple and mundane.

So let's all get rid of our electricity, light a few candles and read our books by the fire. Because things would most likely be much better if they had never changed at all.

June 10, 2008

She loves him She loves him not FYI

First things first - I GOT AIR CONDITIONING!!! I do not care that I broke down, Mira and I are happily cool now. Aaaaaah. That's me breathing in the refreshingly cold air in my apartment. Or imagining it since I am at work.

Facebook gives me a lot of grief. People publicize so much of their lives on that thing. The amount of personal information in my profile sometimes makes me uncomfortable and I think I'm a pretty middle of the road Facebooker. I had a friend in college on the equestrian team. She was a lovely girl, very sweet and fun. We've lost touch, as I have with many of the girls on the team (some more purposefully than others) but through her profile I discovered that she has a boyfriend these days.

OK, I am going to insert a disclaimer here. I realize that if you only read my blog you may think I am obsessed with my boyfriend. He's just managed to sneak into most posts lately. I am completely crazy about him but I do not excessively Facebook about him. Maybe because I am convinced that only a few people read this blog and therefore I can say whatever I damn well please. Anyway.

My friend has posted plenty of pictures of her and the BF. Fine except that she's gone to the extent of posting kissing pictures (seriously, who takes pictures of themselves kissing? This is a very bizarre phenomenon which I am convinced started, or was at least encouraged by the advent of Facebook). One of said kissing pictures is even her profile pic! Egads! Her statuses have also started to revolve around the boy. "B is loving him...", "B is in bed with her manly man..." and so on. Her wall has been taken over by overly sweet posts from him. I don't quite understand the need to flaunt a relationship on the internet. I have nothing to prove to anyone, not even really myself. As long as we are happy then why should I care if people I don't give a rat's ass about on Facebook know that I love my boyfriend and that we make out in front of the camera? (we obviously don't do this. Narcissistic much?) Let's keep it classy folks.

What follows is a few pictures that I would like to share taken on Friday night when Sam and I wandered up and down Mass Ave looking for art galleries to poke our heads into. Of course the weather, which has apparently lost its mind, got bad and we ended up running into a bar as huge forks of lightning tore across the sky.

June 6, 2008

Please enjoy the music while your party is reached

Last night I called Bette via Skype for the first time since she's been in Ireland. We've talked online but nothing is quite the same as a phone conversation with her. We talked about absolutely nothing for an hour and a half and the only reason we hung up was because I had to call Adam back. We spent a good half hour browsing pictures on Green Cove's website from Early June camp. Some of the first year counselors there were campers when we were on staff. That, friends, is odd. The girls at that session are so little and adorable. They wear huge hiking boots and big tshirts and riding helmets to meals.

I think we then spent another half hour discussing how much it would cost me to drive down to camp. Between gas and wear and tear cost on the car, it's quite a bit. Figuring out how much I would spend on gas took us a pathetic 15 minutes I'm sure. We basically had to set up a word problem. If gas costs $4 a gallon right now, my trip is 494 miles and my car gets 27 mpg, how much will gas cost for my whole trip? We are poor mathematicians. I like that I have a friend who I can call up for no reason other than just chatting and end up talking to for hours. Actually, most of my good friends are like that. I've had countless long and random conversations with Marnie and Sam too. That is true friendship.

I am having an inner conflict regarding my living situation. My apartment does not have air. My kitchen is tiny. I have no backyard for Mira to run around in. It takes me forever to get places because of downtown traffic and weirdo streets and stoplights. I live in a small pocket of decency in what might be described as a somewhat ghetto area of town. On the flip side, I do live very close to lots of downtown happenings and events. I can ride my bike to most said events. Walking on the canal is lovely. I do have a lot of the necessities (grocery, post office, cleaners, etc) within five minutes of my apartment.

Either way, I've started browsing apartment and house listings even though my lease doesn't end until November. I have a little dream that involves a house with a big kitchen, a dishwasher and garbage disposal, air conditioning and a fenced in backyard. Bette claims that I'm nesting. I say it's my goddamn biological clock trying to tell me it's time to settle down, start a family, blah blah. My clear and rational mind knows how ridiculous that all sounds. As if I am anywhere close to being ready for anything that resembles a family beyond the dog and boyfriend "family" I have right now. I hate being a female.

June 1, 2008

a dream upon waking

First things first - it is insanely stuffy and hot in my apartment. not so hot outside at the moment but in here, yes. Possibly a result of the oven being on while I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Regardless, I have my fan pointed directly at me and on high.

Second things second. Last weekend Adam, Mira and I went to Lake Monroe for a few days to hang out and fish a little on his parents boat. Being outside and away from the city (I know "city", right? As if Indianapolis is a huge bustling metropolis) did wonders for me. That weekend everyone arrived at camp for orientation so the potential for me to sit and wallow in I-miss-camp-pity was very, very high. But the most amazing thing happened. I didn't want to be at camp once, not for one minute. Even when Mary texted me that she was at the Black Rose, a bar we frequented in Hendersonville. As Adam and I sat on the boat and looked at the stars I realized that I'm incredibly happy right here. This, referring back to a previous post where I wondered if, even though I'm generally happy with my life now, I would always want to be somewhere else too. I don't want to be anywhere else but here. I'm home and even though I miss everywhere I've been and called home in the past and all my friends in those places, here and now is so good. This might be the best feeling ever. Not to say that I don't have shitty days where I want to crawl under the covers and never come out, but I do come out. A few quick pics from our lake trip.
Me and Mirabelle on the boat
Adam making our bbq chicken dinner
Third things third. Last night Sam and I attended the most bizarre party we've been to in awhile. It was something like a dream. My friend Elizabeth is an intern at the magazines and lives downstairs in my building. The party was a housewarming party she threw. The crowd was, generally speaking, all under 21, including a 15 year old. Now, I am not being condescending here. Oh my God I am so much older than these kids. They just seemed so young. In attendance was a girl who I'll call MK. She was everything that, two years ago, I would have longed to be. She was effortlessly cool, wearing a black tshirt, a brown fringed jacket and tight dark jeans and discussing how she doesn't pay for spices at the store, eats donuts and doesn't pay for them, and carries her lighter between her breasts and down her shirt. I literally would have watched her all night and been intensely jealous and completely judgmental of her in my insecurity and lack of self confidence. Last night I watched her and smiled because her coolness is not effortless, but quite the opposite. Part of me wanted to judge her, just out of habit. At one point everyone gathered around a piece of meat, called star meat, and performed a ritual. Star meat seemed to be meatloaf in the somewhat shape of a star with sprinkles and candles stuck on it. They all stood around the lit up meat and chanted "star meat star meat!" until MK, who was in charge, shushed them all, at which point they blew out the candles and ate the meat. Weird. Like I said, a somewhat dreamlike night that reminded me of what I used to wish I had and was and of how happy I am that I somehow found my self confidence between then and now. Anyway I'm glad that Sam was there with me because the whole night was something of a flashback to Bloomington and our neighbors senior year.

End of story.