June 17, 2010

Art for the sake of...teeth?

Trendy, cutting-edge jewelry is one thing. Jewelry adorned with human teeth is something else entirely. 
Exhibit A: a tooth ring

Found this ring on Etsy. Per the description, you can readorn yourself with human teeth, often mistaken for ivory by admirers. This particular ring has already sold, but the artist will make you another with her tooth collection gathered from interested friends, friends of friends, strangers, and tooth fairies. I cannot comprehend. 

It's only on a rare occasion that I find these odd things on Etsy. I'll try to post my kickass finds more often.


rmg53 said...

you should submit that to regretsy (regretsy.com if you haven't been; you'll love it).

Anonymous said...

how wrong is it that i like that ring? (mostly because it's a multiple knuckle ring, but still...)

Fairy Princess With An Edge said...

Sam, thought of you when I saw the ring at first. Not because of the teeth.

And Renée, I also thought of regretsy! Hilarious site.