June 16, 2010

Fruit Loops

It's funny the things people respond to.

I update my Twitter with all sorts of randomness almost daily. Same with my Gchat and Facebook statuses. Only occasionally do I get responses, and even less often do they come pouring in. I think I'm going to start tracking which updates get the most.

Stats for this week.

Fruit Loops
Last night my power went out. That's not the reason I ate Fruit Loops for dinner. I decided on my dinner pre-power loss. That is the reason, however, that I ate three bowls of Fruit Loops, and the reason that my teeth ached with a pain only brought on by too much processed sugar. My admission to eating three bowls, and the hopes that a power loss made up for the over indulgence got quite the response on Facebook. I wonder if that's because people love Fruit Loops or because everyone can secretly relate to doing the same thing. I know I'm relieved to find out someone else has the same secrets and vices as me. It's good to not be alone in my three bowl Fruit Loops eating world.


Jen s said...

Sooo true about engagement pics!!! We never got them. I I agree with your thougts on weddings too. Don't get me wrong I loved our wedding, but it was a lot of stress to plan and I would've settled for a nice family dinner and maybe a longer honeymoon!

Fairy Princess With An Edge said...

Ha i worried that I would upset people with my wedding views, so i deleted them. I still stand by the ridiculousness of engagement photos though, and of most wedding rituals. I like your idea though! Sounds perfect and low key.