December 16, 2009

Edward Sharpe (for real this time)

I just realized that my last post included "Edward" in the title and I did not deliver. I had all these plans to write an entry about Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and also about Edward Cullen (swooooon) and the New Moon premiere that I attended with my Twilight work girls. Epic Fail (in the words of one Carol Prince). OK so now I'm going to get down to business. Music recommendations. Go.

Wait, first does anyone know how I can put a song on here? For now I'm going to go with a YouTube video. (oh my lordy [says my mother...] YouTube does not show up as a misspelled word in my browser.)

My first new favorite band is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. (listen aqui The first time I put this album on (OK I wish I could say that and mean it, but I did not actually "put the album on." Oh for a record player. I just double clicked in my iTunes.) and heard the first song, I almost cried. "40 Day Dream" sounds oddly like a long lost cousin of the Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour," and let me just remind you of how much I love the Beatles and how angry any copying of this band makes me. I'm incredibly glad I struggled through that initial song though because this band is awesome. It's mostly a girl and guy or just Edward singing. It's very clear and crisp and light sounding. And a little bit old school, like maybe even 60s. This song "Home" makes me think of Johnny Cash and June Carter. I love it.

I also have an irrational and intense love for the Avett Brothers ( these days. I can literally listen to I and Love and You on repeat all day. Their earlier albums are a bit more bluegrassy, which I love. Here's one of my faves, "Laundry Room." (I also love "January Wedding.")

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