January 6, 2009

Who will save the egg?

Humpty Dumpty is running a Cover Art Contest right now. We ask kids to draw a picture of themselves as a superhero and send it in. One will be chosen to be on the cover of a future issue.

I get pretty hysterical and awesome entries. Some kids get really creative, while others just draw the Eggman himself wearing a cape. Today a big stack of entries arrived on my desk. I have two favorites.

The first is a picture of a man wearing a half red, half blue outfit of some sort (mostly a square outfit, as drawn by this 6-year-old) with long arms, stretched out to the sides. He is saying "Up up and away!" Underneath, in carefully messy child's handwriting, is this statement "Super Obama wraps arms around world."

The second is done in pencil. It's a picture of a boy's face and says "my little brother." This kid considers his little brother a superhero! I wish I'd thought of my little brother that way when I was 6. No, I guess we were fairly close at that age. The uncontrollable annoyance didn't start until middle school.

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